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The Path to Authenticity
173. Three Years on the Path

Year Three In Review

Episode 173 of The Path to Authenticity features a review of the past year of the podcast. Check out the 3yrs on the Path playlist on Spotify. In this episode, I refer to episodes 120 and 121, with Alisha Crossley, 122, with my mom, 123, with the author Karen Casey, 124 and 125, with the artist Safaa Kagan, 128, with Dimple Thakrar, 129, with Mark Sephton, 130, with Sasha Lispskaia, 133, with Lee McCormick, 134, with Aly Paws, 135, with Rachel Astarte, 136, with my friend Eric Bricker, 137, with Dr. Stevie Peña, 138, Help Getting Help, 139, with Carl Huelin, 140, The Great Fact, 141, with the incomparable Amani Sherif, a number of early episodes of the podcast, which I re-released this year, episode 145, with Sri Preethaji, 149, with Yulia Rose, 150, with David Sauvage, 156, Invoking the Muse, 159, with Hannah Uhler, as well as Hannah’s podcast, DesignHer, episode 160, with Jamie Engel, from Circle City Sober Living, 161, with confidence coach Sejal Patel, 163, with actress Kristen Alderson, 165, with Fawn Clarke, 167, with Dr. Antonello Bonci, from GIA Miami, and episode 172, with Jenna Malyon. Enjoy. -tg

Hear Tom’s interview on Being Brave, with Sasha Lipskaia.

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