Author & Empath David Sauvage - The Path to Authenticity
The Path to Authenticity
150. Author & Empath David Sauvage

The Value of Our Sensitivity

This episode of features a deep conversation with author and empath David Sauvage. He is the author of Healing Heals the Healer Too. This conversation took place in a live meeting on the Clubhouse app, where David is a conspicuous figure with a considerable following. We touch on his childhood, his upbringing, and the path of personal growth that led him to this work. David talked about what it is like to be an empath and how he sees himself in reference to other empaths and other people in general. He also shares his ideas on a path forward to a more empathic way of life. Hear us talk about intimacy, empathy, emotional literacy,and more. If you enjoy this episode, you might also like episode 96, with Andy Isham. Enjoy. -Tom

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