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The Path to Authenticity starts from the assertion that we wrest our true power from our individuality.

We talk to various types of writers and artists as well as therapists, coaches, teachers, entrepreneurs, and professionals of all kinds. Our guests possess one common trait.

They’re people who know who they are.

We talk about what makes them who they are, how they became who they are, and how we might become truer expressions of who we are.


The Path to Authenticity


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Modern Manhood:  the Landmines of Male Privilege

Modern Manhood: the Landmines of Male Privilege

“Your term, not mine,” she smiled. “I didn’t say it.” Cleo Stiller, the author of Modern Manhood, had agreed to be a guest on the podcast. I had just proposed the idea of making male privilege a point of focus for the episode. Hear my conversation with Cleo on episode...

The Path to Authenticity

On the Death of Anthony Bourdain

A couple years ago, my son gave me a cookbook. We’d been out shopping and had seen it a couple times. He knew I wanted it. It was one of those times when you buy the gift so they can give it to you. In truth, you’re doing something for them.

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