Men Who Talk - Tom Gentry & Ed Tilton
Men Who Talk
1. What is Intimacy?

In episode one of Men Who Talk Tom Gentry and Ed Tilton begin an eight-part series of conversations on men and intimacy with a discussion on what intimacy is in the first place, why it matters, and how this topic is relevant to modern men and the people who love them.  Brought to you by Begin Again Institute, in Boulder, Colorado. The discussion focuses on the theme of men and intimacy, and the barriers that prevent men from expressing their emotions and building authentic connections. Tom and Ed explore the concept of emotional literacy, discussing how many men struggle with articulating their feelings and the societal norms that discourage men from being vulnerable. They emphasize the importance of healthy communication in relationships and the value of men being able to express their emotions openly.

Moreover, the conversation delves into the impact of trauma on intimacy, highlighting the role of past experiences in shaping men’s emotional responses and behaviors. The speakers discuss the necessity of creating safe spaces for men to open up and explore their vulnerabilities without fear of judgment or re-traumatization. They also underscore the significance of developing empathy and emotional literacy to deepen connections in relationships and foster personal growth. The dialogue touches on the challenges men face in forming deep, meaningful relationships with both men and women, the role of mentors in emotional development, and the importance of setting boundaries and managing expectations in interpersonal interactions.

Furthermore, the conversation delves into the complexities of gender roles and societal expectations of masculinity, addressing the impact of toxic masculinity on men’s emotional well-being and relationship dynamics. Tom and Ed discuss the need for men to break free from traditional gender stereotypes and embrace vulnerability as a strength rather than a weakness. They emphasize the value of open communication, validation, and attunement in creating healthy and fulfilling relationships, as well as the importance of recognizing and respecting individual boundaries in intimate connections. Overall, the conversation serves as a thought-provoking exploration of the challenges men face in expressing their emotions and building genuine connections in a society that often values stoicism and emotional restraint in men.

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