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168. Media Professional Jana Angel

Beyond Blessed

Episode 168 of The Path to Authenticity features a conversation with Jana Angel. Jana is a television host at Electric Productions and the host of Living Local, a series dedicated to featuring the top trends, innovators, and business success stories across South Florida. Also, please check out my new podcast on men and intimacy with my friend Ed Tilton. You can find Men Who Talk on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Enjoy.  -tg

After obtaining degrees in International Communications and Interpersonal Communications from NC State University, Jana ventured overseas to pursue a career in professional volleyball. Once back in the US, she began working as a corporate spokesperson, which gave her a plethora of experience with a range of partners from international corporations to local businesses. It was also during this time that Jana obtained additional accreditation from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and began working in digital communication. These experiences lead her to realize her true passion for storytelling.

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