Men Who Talk - Tom Gentry & Ed Tilton
Men Who Talk
8. Season One Recap & A Look Ahead
This is the final installment in a series of eight episodes. If you are just finding this show, we suggest you begin with episode one.

What’s Next?

In episode eight of Men Who Talk Tom Gentry and Ed Tilton wrap up season one in a series of conversations on men and intimacy. Brought to you by Begin Again Institute

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In this episode, Ed and Tom reflect on the journey of their podcast, from the initial vision of starting a clubhouse room to the excitement of creating content and engaging with a growing audience. They dive into the question of “what next?” for men striving to be more connected, empathetic, and fulfilled individuals.

Tom shares insights from a past podcast episode on emotional literacy with David Sauvage, highlighting the need for men to fight for emotional connection and self-awareness. Ed discusses the necessity of surrendering toxic behaviors like avoiding vulnerability and challenging societal expectations of manhood.

The conversation turns personal as they share experiences of feeling inadequate as men and the journey towards self-discovery and healthier relationships. They explore the impact of cultural stereotypes and societal pressures on defining masculinity, emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance and defining manhood on their terms.

Together, they challenge traditional norms and encourage men to seek meaningful connections and embrace vulnerability. They reflect on their own friendship as a model for open communication and mutual support.

Join Ed and Tom as they navigate the complexities of modern masculinity and strive for deeper connections in a changing world. This episode is a testament to the power of conversation and the journey towards authenticity as men.

Tune in for this candid and insightful discussion on what it means to be a man and the path towards emotional fulfillment and meaningful relationships.

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