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The Path to Authenticity
73. The Beginning of All Wisdom


Episode 73 of The Path to Authenticity features an episode of another podcast, in which the host, Tom Gentry, talks about his own path to authenticity. Certified Empowerment Coach and friend of the show Ellen Stewart, otherwise known as The Pushy Broad From the Bronx, was a significant source of support as this podcast came to fruition. The recently-syndicated Pushy Broad from the Bronx podcast can be heard on Transformation Talk Radio as well as anywhere you listen to podcasts. Ellen has spent the last 15 years as a Certified Life Coach and Recovery Coach, helping hundreds of people find direction and giving them that extra push to help them move forward to achieve their goals. She loves being the helping voice, providing direction when people need it the most – especially when it comes to self-confidence and empowerment.

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The Path to Authenticity is a podcast for people looking for more from life. It focuses on emotional wellness and starts from the premise that our true power comes from our individuality. We talk to various types of writers and artists as well as therapists, coaches, teachers, entrepreneurs, and professionals of all kinds. Our guests possess one common trait. They’re people who know who they are.  We talk about what makes them who they are, how they became who they are, and how we might become truer expressions of who we are.