Poet Anthony Guilbert - The Path to Authenticity
The Path to Authenticity
153. Poet Anthony Guilbert

A Son Facing East

Anthony Guilbert published his first book when he was 19 years old. His most recent book, Notes from the Drift, he published about a year ago. In episode 153 of The Path to Authenticity, you’ll hear the story of a writer whose life experience shows up on the page. Among his greatest influences is Kalhil Gibran. He’s read not only John Ciardi’s translation of the Divine Comedy, but six others. And, he began identifying as a Buddhist when he was 12. You can read all of this between the dense and beautiful lines of his work. Hear the host, Tom Gentry discuss all of this and more with writer, teacher, and mind/body advocate, Anthony Guilbert. Visit anthonyguilbert.net. or Amazon to purchase Notes from the Drift.

January Journaling Challenge

Join a community of people who are committed to developing a deeper connection with themselves in the coming year by taking part in our January Journaling Challenge. I’ll provide a prompt for each day of the month. Use it to write, draw, or to inspire whatever you do. You can share as much or as little of what you create from it as you like. Maybe post a sentence a day in the private Facebook group. Or, share a photo from your journal or sketchbook. The point is to nurture your connection with yourself with the support of like-minded people.

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