20 Questions with Tom Gentry
20 Questions
Welcome to 20 Questions

I’m Tom Gentry. I’m a writer. I launched my first podcast in 2019. And, for over 20 years, I’ve helped families struggling with addiction and related issues. I’m all about helping people reconnect with themselves and connect with others. I’ve spoken to men and women from many walks of life, with the aim of getting to the essence of who they are. 

Along the way, I developed a set of questions to which even their closest friends may not know the answers. This show is my take on the Proust questionnaire. In each of these conversations, another human being offers us a small glimpse into their mind. They show us their heart. And, in doing so, sometimes they touch ours.

This is 20 Questions.

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Season one begins in February 2022.

Originally, guests of Tom’s other show, The Path to Authenticity, answered these in written form.

Most episodes are recorded with a live audience on Clubhouse.

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