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Just a Thought
Stop Apologizing for Tearing Up
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For the most part, we’re losing the argument that men should embrace their emotions. It doesn’t matter how many football players go on television and tell us it’s okay to talk about our feelings if we never bother to challenge the belief that to have feelings is to be weak.

To be emotional does not mean to be a mess, or to be weak. We don’t have to choose whether to be strong or to feel. We can do both. It’s a false choice.

No matter what we believe, no matter what we’re taught, shedding tears, or, for that matter, having emotions in general, does not make you weak.

In fact, when you’re living in a culture where you’re raised with that message, where the societal standard is to act as though you are not emotional, to refuse to adhere to that norm is an act of bravery.

So, Just a Thought. Rather than asking yourself, should I feel or should I not, ask yourself, would I rather be an impostor, or would I rather be real?

Do I want to be an emotional cripple, or do I want to be myself?

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