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Men Who Talk
7. Intimacy in Families

Intimacy in Families

In episode seven of Men Who Talk, Tom Gentry and Ed Tilton continue an eight-part series of conversations with a discussion on on intimacy in the context if family. Brought to you by Begin Again Institute

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In this segment, Ed Tilton and Tom Gentry discuss the importance of family intimacy with guest Dr. Michael Barnes, focusing on how family dynamics impact trust and intimacy. Dr. Barnes emphasizes the complexity of family life cycles and how early experiences shape trust and connection within families. They explore how trauma, addiction, and societal expectations affect family intimacy and individual development, particularly for men navigating emotional connections. The conversation highlights the interplay between biology and social constructs in defining intimacy, underscoring the need for open dialogue and authentic connections within families. The episode encourages a deeper understanding of family dynamics and the pursuit of healthier, more intimate relationships.

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