Just a Thought with Tom Gentry
Just a Thought
Emotional Disconnection
This episode features a passage from Emotional Disconnection, by Tom Gentry. It was published March 10, 2023, on Substack.

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All of us, but especially men, are socialized to abandon ourselves emotionally. It may be more true in some settings; more true in some families than in others, but it’s true. We’re taught to ignore most, if not all, of our emotions, and it does not serve us.

None of us are born pretending not to feel. As children, we’re free to express a full range of emotions. Then something happens.

At some point in childhood we get the message that we have to detach from our emotional experience. We betray ourselves in doing so.

So, Just a Thought. Ask yourself. Am I resisting my emotions? Am I pretending not to feel? And, is that who I want to be?                          

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