Author & Grief Therapist Gina Moffa
The Path to Authenticity
222. Grief Therapist & Author Gina Moffa

We Can Still Hold On

Episode 222 features a conversation with grief therapist Gina Moffa, the author of Moving On Doesn’t Mean Letting Go: A Modern Guide to Navigating Loss. Hear more from Gina in episode 114 and episode 115 of the podcast. Enjoy.  -tg

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As a licensed clinical social worker, Gina Moffa is passionate about the human condition. She seeks any avenue with my clients that leads to a feeling of deeper connectedness with themselves and others. Her role as a therapist allows her to walk with people through some of their most important, sometimes most painful transitions and life experiences. She is truly humbled by the trust and faith people place in the process of healing.    

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