Men Who Talk - Tom Gentry & Ed Tilton
Men Who Talk
6. Raising Men

Raising Men

In episode six of Men Who Talk, Tom Gentry and Ed Tilton continue an eight-part series of conversations with a discussion on on parenting boys and raising men. Brought to you by Begin Again Institute

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The segment discusses the challenges and insights of raising boys into men, focusing on aspects like emotional expression, aggression, and the need for self-reliance. Ed and Tom, both fathers, share their experiences and perspectives on these topics.

Ed emphasizes the importance of allowing boys to cry and express emotions while teaching them emotional literacy. He advocates for a balance where boys can be emotionally vulnerable yet strong, avoiding labels like “crybaby.” Ed also discusses how parental presence and understanding early signs of aggression can help guide boys towards healthier expressions of competition and communication.

Tom adds that modeling emotional literacy and challenging outdated gender norms are key in supporting fathers and sons. He shares personal anecdotes about connecting with his son through physical play and using humor to navigate emotional conversations.

Both Ed and Tom agree on the need to provide space for emotional growth without societal pressure to conform to traditional gender roles. They emphasize the role of fathers in modeling emotional intelligence and advocating for healthier expressions of masculinity. The conversation underscores the importance of supporting fathers and sons in navigating the complexities of emotional development.

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