Gus Castellanos, MD, is a retired neurologist and sleep specialist, who teaches Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and mindfulness practice. Hear him in episode 108 of The Path to Authenticity.

If your life were a novel, what would be the title?

One Flew INTO The Cuckoo’s Nest


Where were you born?

Havana, Cuba


Where is the place you call home?

Jupiter, Florida


When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

a doctor – I had no choice


What is your profession?

retired neurologist, mindfulness teacher, and college instructor


What profession, other than your own, would you like to attempt?



What is your favorite quote?

“I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.” John O’Donohue


What is your preferred form of creative expression?



What is your favorite movie, song, and work of art?

movie: Young Frankenstein, album: Santana’s Caravanserai


Over the course of your life, what is an issue with which you have repeatedly struggled?

addiction, self-centeredness


In childhood, who was your celebrity crush?

Natalie Wood


What natural gift or ability would you most like to possess?

humility and equanimity


What do you consider your greatest achievement?

my 40-year marriage to Bessy


What quality do you admire most in a person?

Integrity, humor, and humility


What is something you would like to learn about?

How persons first began talking and communicating with each other


What is your idea of success?

being less ass-holey


What would you like people to say about you when you’re gone?

There was a method to his madness, a purpose to his craziness