Detroit-based artist Sarey Ruden’s project Sareytales: the Art of Online Dating is a collection of art and designs inspired by the creepy, cruel and misogynistic messages she has received during her online dating journey. Hear Sarey’s story in episode eight of The Path to Authenticity. Or click here to read more about her work. To see the images below in their entirety, click on one of the thumbnails to see a slideshow. Click here to see Sarey’s presentation at TEDx Detroit. Visit to learn about Sarey and her work, including her own upcoming podcast.

Using her art and design background, quirky brand of dark humor plus personal experience and insight, Sarey turns tragic dating app messages into fearless and thought-provoking works of art. Leveraging art as its medium, the Sareytales platform hopes to increase awareness to the cyber-bullying and sexual harassment culture that is so prevalent in the digital dating world.

What began as a fun little project conceiving clever designs from cruel words has turned into something much larger. Sarey’s art is sold in boutiques, pop-up shops, art fairs and subscription boxes, reaching thousands of people globally. Her work has been included in gender studies course discussions at Michigan State University and Texas Women’s University, as well as in research papers focusing on feminism and modern art. She also has participated in international art shows from Detroit to San Francisco, from Seattle to London, with more events and collaborations on the horizon.

Sareytales has become more than a pet project, it has become a movement. The message her art conveys is provocative yet relatable, and empowers others to stand up to the toxic masculinity, gaslighting, negging and other injustices all too common in the online dating world. Join Sarey as she turns ugly into art, one text at a time.