20 Questions
20 Questions
Austin Therapist Angela Abide

Episode 13 features Angela Abide, a Licensed Professional Counselor trained in Internal Family Systems Therapy.

She teaches clients to practice Self-led mediation as a way to manage their mind and emotions, their relationships with others, and their interactions in the world. Angela works with clients to help them discover how to be true to themselves by helping them examine their foundational wounds, understand how to be a great parent to themself, and learning to become a great Self manager. As a trained mediator, she offers divorce mediation services to select couples as an alternative to litigation. As a therapist Angela works with adults and her specialties are IFS, grief, divorce, and men’s issues. Angela hosts the Mission Manhood Podcast which encourages and celebrates mature masculinity, and on Substack she writes the Love Revolution newsletter. Mom to three adult sons, she has lived in Austin since 2008, and enjoys playing the guitar, reading, and photography.

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