Each guest of the podcast is listed below in alphabetical order with links to each episode or post in which they are featured.



Jana Angel is a professional spokesperson and television host who specializes in brand storytelling and video production.
Episode 50: Beyond Blessed

Lauren Artress is an author, a psychotherapist, an Episcopal priest, and the world’s leading expert on labyrinths
Episode 25: The Soul Assignment or Sealed Orders



Lesley Barabas is a Jungian love coach, with a Master’s-Level Certification from the Academy of Jungian Spiritual Psychology.
Episode 77: Call It Fate
Episode 87: Driving the Porsche
Episode 88: Putting the Past on the Present

Erica C. Barnett is an American journalist and blogger who covers the city of Seattle.In July of 2020, she published her first book, Quitter: A Memoir of Drinking, Relapse, and Recovery.
Episode 85: Becoming a Quitter

Jessica Baum is a psychotherapist, an author, and the founder of The Relationship Institute of Palm Beach.
Episode 24: The Relationship with Self

Oli Beardsall is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a Registered Yoga Teacher, a Certified Strongfirst Bodyweight Instructor, and a CHECK Holistic Lifestyle Coach L1.
Episode 49: Burning the Boats

Jane Binns is the award-winning author of Broken Whole: A Memoir.
Episode 42: Forming That Connection

Amy Blaschka is a social media ghostwriter who helps leaders craft their stories to communicate and connect better by magnifying their reach and impact.
Episode 48: Inspiring Transformation

Eric Bricker is a licensed mental health counselor in Boca Raton, Florida. He speciallizes in working with people who suffer from grief and loss as well as those with substance use disorders.
Episode 20: Walking the Right Path

Michael Brody-Waite is an entrepreneur, a Tedx speaker, and the author of Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts: How to Lead Like Your Life Depends on It.
Episode 70: A New Way to Lead



Lucia Capacchione
Episode 1: The Wisdom of the Inner Child
Transcript: The Wisdom of the Inner Child
Episode 5: The Power of the Other Hand
Episode 40: A Vision for 2020
Episode 47: The Inner Child & the Other Hand
Episode 57: Scribble Them Out: Lucia Capacchione
20 Questions for Lucia Capacchione

Kolby Castillo
Episode 64: The Infinite Game

Lisa Cleary
Episode 89: Toxic Milestone Mentality
9 Questions for Lisa Cleary

Jen Conway
Episode 3: The Closest We Get to God
The Photography of Jen Conway

Taylor Crousore
Episode 53: Maybe I Should Try
20 Questions for Taylor Crousore



Michael Damioli
Episode 78: The Privilege of Being There

Gregory B. Davis
Episode 82: Take a Deep Breath
11 Questions for Gregory B. Davis



Amy Effman
Episode 95: Staying Curious
20 Questions for Amy Effman

Jasmine Estevez
Episode 37: Learning How to Breathe





Alysse Gafkjen
Episode 90: That’s the Dream
The Photographs of Alysse Gafkjen
19 Questions for Alysse Gafkjen

Chelsea Gage
Episode 98: Where the Magic Is
19 Questions for Chelsea Gage

Rose Guerrero
Episode 65: Feeling Connected to Where We Are

Anthony Guilbert
Episode 18: A Son Facing East



Heather Sundquist Hall
Episode 43: Through the Lens of a Child
The Paintings of Heather Sundquist Hall
Episode 100: To Build a Community

Paul Hamblin
Episode 33: Different Branches of the Same Tree
Episode 56: Craving Connection

Craig Havighurst
Episode 26: Old Enough to See Hank

Hallie Heeg
Episode 72: To Finally Belong

Jackie Shannon Hollis
Episode 54: The Value of Letting People In



Andy Isham
Episode 96: Sharpening the Chisels





Safaa Kagan
Episode 69: The Human Soul
Episode 71: Do it Anyway
The Photographs of Safaa Kagan
Episode 124: Where the Wind Takes You or Yurts Near Me
Episode 125: My Mountain Child or The Ultimate Attunement with Nature
Her Escape Vortex


Matt Kennedy
Episode 99: It Makes You Feel Something
Episode 101: A Guy Named Kennedy or It’s a Mixtape
20 Questions for Matt Kennedy

Amanda Kuda
Episode 76: Carrie Bradshaw Syndrome
16 Questions for Amanda Kuda



Dani LaBarrie
Episode 7: The Fire in Our Hearts

Jill Lang
Episode 58: An Invitation Home
20 Questions for Jill Lang

Mimie Langlois
Episode 4: The Outward Expression of the Soul

Tyrell William Lisson
Episode 21: Honoring the Music

Kim Litton
Episode 59: It’s a Big, Big Deal 



Bryn Markefka
Episode 92: Is This It? or Breaking the Pattern
20 Questions for Bryn Marhefka

Joan Marineau
Episode 17: I Pick You

Donna Marks
Episode 16: The Purpose of Psychotherapy
Episode 45: Exiting the Maze

Mike Milligan
Episode 19: The Blues Chose Me

Alessandro Montelli
Episode 111: It’s Called Life
19 Questions for Alessandro Montelli

Deniz Mustard
Episode 29: Peeling Back the Layers
Episode 61: This is What We Needed





Elena Øhlander
Episode 94: Creating Reaction
20 Questions for Elena Øhlander
The Art of Elena Øhlander



Diana Paschal
Episode 80: It’s a Daily Practice

David Paul
Episode 36: The Power Hour

Kevin Petersen
Episode 38: Follow the Plan

Brian Phillips
Episode 10: Without Judgment
The Salvaged-Wood Art of Brian Phillips



Ameé Quiriconi
Episode 31: Just Say No



Spencer Reece
Episode 9: The Stranger and the Road

Olga Rocha
Episode 41: A Process of Discovery

Sarey Ruden
Episode 8: A Symptom of the Problem
Sarey Ruden Takes on Toxic Masculinity
The Art of Online Dating – Sareytales



Terry Shapiro
Episode 15: The Diamond Polisher

Joshua Shea
Episode 44: A Hit of Shame

Julie Smith
Episode 93: We’re the Product
20 Questions for Julie Smith

John Snyder
Episode 79: A Few Positive Words

Tyson Stark
Episode 32: Take Wednesdays Off

Heather Stewart
Episode 103: Falling in Love with Philosophy
20 Questions for Heather Stewart
Episode 107: How the Hell Do We Fix This?

Cleo Stiller
Episode 74: Dad Has No Friends or Hurt People Hurt People
Modern Manhood: the Landmines of Male Privilege
20 Questions for Cleo Stiller

Lalitaa Suglani
Episode 13: This is My Language



Chantelle Thomas
Episode 83: I Think You Deserve This
Episode 84: An Extraordinary Calling
Trailer for Blind Spots with Dr. Chantelle Thomas

John Thomas
Episode 12: The Magical Moment of Redemption
Episode 14: Burying the Lead
Episode 52: Plan C – Revisiting John Thomas

Ed Tilton
Episode 63: The Moose is Loose
Episode 68: Getting Real About Manhood
Episode 75: Getting Real About Male Privilege
Episode 86: Getting Real About Men & Abuse



Hannah Uhler
Episode 34: That Soft Whisper

Chelsea Ursin
Episode 66: Dear Young Rocker



Laura Vaisman
Episode 62: That Little Kick in the Ass
Episode 91: That Human Connection

Episode 97: Something Sacred
20 Questions for VËR

Jamie Vance
Episode 67: That Fire



Tiffany Wehrner
Episode 22: What She Needed to Hear
Episode 23: Tom Gentry on Moments of Clarity -1
Episode 28: Tom Gentry on Moments of Clarity -2

Michael Weiner
Episode 27:From Acute to Chronic
Episode 30: Lifespan Recovery