Heather Sundquist Hall was the guest in episode 43 of The Path to Authenticity. She’s an artist based in Smithville, Texas. Her work is heavily influenced by narratives, nostalgia and details. Her illustrations have become pieces of her own stories whose purpose is to preserve memories like souvenirs. Much of Heather’s focus is on the details. It’s the subtle floral pattern on a curtain, or the kind of plaid a certain couch was that she sat on in November of 1986 that she is most attracted to explore. Her work is also an attempt to honor the past, either by way of exploring it’s authentic parts or through her own interpretations. Although Heather’s work illustrates her personal stories, it is her hope that when making and sharing art, she can create a connection with the person looking at it, inviting them to pause for a quiet moment, to feel even just the smallest pull on their heartstrings. Heather hopes to help them recall their own narratives, the stories that have helped to shape them and the ones that they live by.

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To purchase prints of Heather’s original gouache paintings visit her shop, Golden Hour Prints.

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